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The Joi's Angels Youth Community Service Scholarships are awarded to those young ladies and gentlemen who volunteer with us. Scholarships are awarded to those students who have embraced our mission and best exhibit the character qualities necessary to advance it.

Philanthropic support for scholarships can be significant, even transformational to recipients.

​Joi’s Angels established this scholarship fund to promote, empower, and serve those New Jersey students who most ably embrace our mission. We select from a competitive group of applicants, and each application is adjudicated on service achievement and the student's ability to balance (extra) curricular activities. These scholarships are meant to enhance each winner’s sense of civic purpose.  When one of our students is empowered, his or her dreams are fulfilled. We wish to incentivize each of them to their fullest potential. 

These scholarships represent one pillar of the Joi’s Angel Youth Program.  The other three pillars are service, empowerment, and civic mindedness.   Service is helping others. Empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights. Civic Mindedness is a disposition to build and uplift one’s own community.

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Joi's Angels 1st Annual Scholarship Award Winners

Appliction Section

Joi’s Angels proudly announces the recipients of our 1st Annual Scholarships Awards.  They are awarded to three outstanding New Jersey students. The 2022 winners are: 

William Claudio

($1000 - Kean University)

Jenascia Mercado

($1000 - The College of New Jersey)

Reanin Taylor

($2,000 – Kean University)

Each of these students began volunteering with Joi’s Angels in 2018. They all quickly became continuous core volunteers of Joi’s Angels Shoprite Youth Program and more. During the Covid 19 pandemic, they volunteered weekly as front-line heroes to make 450 bags of groceries for local families in need.  We are especially proud of Reanin, President of Joi’s Angels Youth Service Program.

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For the last year and a half, the always polite and eager to work trio have shown an extraordinary work ethic. They have collectively devoted over 1000 hours in service to others. They represent the heart of Joi’s Angels for their contribution at such young ages. 

We again congratulate our 2022 Scholarship winners

and wish them the best in all their future endeavors.

Scolarship Group


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