Be faithful in the small things

because it is in them that your strength lies.             Mother Theresa








A staff member since 2018, I've been an Angel since 2016, volunteering for event setup/breakdown, National Night Out, bagging for the food pantry, and distributing turkeys for Turkey a whole bunch more. And being the official watermelon-cutter at all community outreach events is a mark of distinction in which I take just pride. 


As time passed, Mark and Joi came to know me better; they determined that I might help Joi’s Angels reach "the next level.”  I hope that I can. Tasked with formalizing policies and procedures, attracting new interest in the organization, and developing a long-term strategic plan, I’m confident that we can secure grant funds to extend our reach.  Beyond this, it is my personal mission to reduce Mark and Joi’s workload: they’ve been working non-stop, twenty-four-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week for fifteen years. 

There is not enough space here to qualitatively describe the abundant joy and vital assistance that Joi's Angels has given to so many—literally thousands.  Joi's Angels impact on the community is significant and quantifiable; it is my job to cogently convey this reality to potential donors and grantors. 


I’ve worked for several nonprofit organizations and academic institutions.  Both of my graduate degrees are from New York University:  a master’s degree in public administration (M.P.A.) from the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, and a Ph.D. from the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. I am grateful to the Ford Foundation for sponsoring my doctoral study. My publications explore games as teaching tools (pedagogy), supply chain optimization, and Partially Observed Markov Distributions (POMDP).




Phil has been with Joi’s Angels since 2007.  Certified by the State of New Jersey as a House Manager, Phil is on-site at the Angel’s House nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  He ensures that the house is safe and secure.  He makes a special effort to be available to the men upon their return from day programs: to lend a hand in friendship when needed, to offer wise counsel when asked, and to provide support when necessary. 


A staunch community activist, Phil is the elected Essex County Democratic Party leader for District One in East Orange’s Fourth Ward.  First elected in 2011, he has since been re-elected three times.  And on any election day, you’ll find Phil managing the polling operation at the City Hall precinct. 


His passion for cooking and the quality of his food has made him a hot commodity all over East Orange.  He is the city’s go-to grill- and fry-master for most community gatherings.  His cornbread is sublime.  For the past fourteen years Phil has spent his Christmases with the East Orange Fire Department at the New Hope Free Will Church where he helps to prepare and serve free food to senior citizens for the Fire Department’s community-give-back program.


Phil is an active congregant at Newark’s Trinity Church; he is only one class shy of becoming a licensed evangelist!  Beyond being a spiritual person, Phil is a people person.  The men of the house are lucky to have such an advocate and caretaker. 


Phil volunteers in some capacity at almost all Joi’s Angels events.  He is a major contributor to the bagging and gift preparation operations.



Today, Joi’s Angels employs one per diem staff member who has a wide variety of duties and responsibilities.  He assists with bulk food transport, loading/unloading; and, depending on needs, he helps in any area where Mark deems necessary.  Last year, Joi’s Angels employed four per diem staff assistants. 


It is our hope that we return to our 2018 staff levels.  Joi’s Angels is also in need of a volunteer coordinator and an outreach coordinator.  Angel Spot needs a moving coordinator.  These positions are contingent upon additional donor funds and we are in the process of launching a coordinated drive to fund—at least in part—these positions.