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Our newest core service was instituted because we believe that youth are our future. Three components comprise our approach. The SERVICE COMPONENT is meant to increase self-esteem: ​a) acts of philanthropy can lead to greater feelings of self-worth because helping others is fun and can help a teen reflect on what they have and enhance their sense of purpose, b) gaining empathy (understanding) is critical, c) becoming a stronger college applicant is vital, and d) building long-term generosity serves the public good always. The EMPOWERMENT COMPONENT is the process of encouraging young people; giving them the information, guidance or resources they need in order to take charge of their lives and make healthier decisions.  When youth are empowered, they are able to fulfill their dreams because they have access to the opportunities, skills, and resources they need to reach their full potential. The CIVIC ENGAGEMENT COMPONENT involves convincing our students that working to make a difference in the civic life of one's community leads to increased academic performance and improved social-emotional well-being. We want them to feel better.

 Joi's Angels wants to CREATE GOOD CITIZENS


Today, Joi’s Angels, provides wholesome groceries, “farmer’s market” fresh fruit, produce, and meats to thousands upon thousands of families per month. The food pantries and farmer’s markets are held at Joi's Angels as well as multiple satellite locations throughout Northern New Jersey.


Additional distribution sites include: multiple low-income, senior, and disabled municipal housing authority buildings, a community college, and a veteran’s hospital. 


We offer emergency food assistance to our public, private and nonprofit partners across Essex, Hudson, Morris, and Union Counties.  


Joi's Angels provides life essentials (diapers, baby formula, personal hygiene products, and feminine hygiene products). Joi's Angels provides thousands of life essentials packages to individuals and families at numerous pantries, community outreach events, and in conjunction with private, public, and nonprofit partners. Our partnership with the City of Newark Board of Education is the latest manifestation of this core service.

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